Drawings by Kelli Swan







Kelli Swan

Drawings by Kelli Swan

Northfield, OH


Kelli Swan specializes in the beautiful and striking effect of black and white pencil drawing. Her detailed illustrations depicting a variety of themes have won many awards in prestigious juried art shows. In addition, her drawings have been widely published. Kelli's artwork resides in collections in Europe, The UAE and The United States. She received her BFA with Summa Cum Laude honors from the University of Akron in Ohio.

This website features Open Edition Prints and Note Cards with Kelli Swan's artwork.
To purchase signed & numbered Limited Edition Prints, please visit Kelli's signature site: www.pencilplace.com.

Kelli's interests include reading, hiking with her adopted Doberman Pinscher dog, swimming, meditation and peaceful times with friends.

Artist Statement from Kelli Swan:
"I am fascinated by the simplicity of a pencil. It is one of the most basic of tools, and yet it can be used to create images of great complexity and depth. To take that which is simple and basic, and to create with it something moving and inspiring is a personally enriching experience. To me, this creative process is a reflection of life. We all possess very basic tools, and what can be created with these tools is incredibly complex, moving and full of potential." - Kelli Swan


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